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Small Steps for Better Food

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Some easy ways we get more vegetables and nutrients in without a total food overhaul:

- Bell peppers with hummus, instead of crackers. - Heavy cream poured over frozen berries, raspberries being the favorite, instead of ice cream. - Heavy cream poured over frozen bananas (my favorite) - Broth to make mashed potatoes and rice, instead of water. - Kefir or juice pops instead of regular popsicles. - Almond flour breading for chicken or fish, rather than regular flour. The whole family prefers this. - Black beans and leftover chicken in quesadillas. - Pink salt instead of regular salt. Again, everyone prefers the taste. We use the grinder from Costco. - Almond flour (or half almond, half wheat) for chocolate chip cookies and brownies. - Balsamic and olive oil dressing instead of pre-made. - Fruits and vegetables for snacks instead of bread products, or in addition. - "Jello" made with fruit juice and gelatin - Bananas fried in butter, our easy version of bananas foster

I realize this isn't an earth-shattering list, just putting down some things that are easy in case it's helpful.

You people who've been thinking about this for years for your own kids, what are the easiest substitutions you make, or the easiest habits you have?

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