Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of credentials do you have?

Mostly, I read about nutrition all the time for fun, and I love explaining it to my friends. Officially, I attended 2 years of classes in acupuncture and herbal medicine, began teaching nutrition locally, and received my Nutrition Coaching Certification through Precision Nutrition.

Are the books and classes religious? 

No, they are not explicitly religious. Many students do share their experiences with religious practices and their benefits as they contribute to class discussions, and most students in the classes come from families who regularly practice their faith. Since there are already several girls health books that are explicitly religious, I chose to write one with a more scientific focus, while leaving out information on reproduction and conception.

Is there homework for the class?


Each week’s reading is about 20-30 minutes. Each chapter includes optional questions for her to answer in writing if she will benefit or you would like it to document her completion of the course. If your daughter isn’t able to do the reading in advance, she will still benefit from the discussion.


My daughter is shy and reluctant to talk. Will she still benefit from a live class? 


That’s fine! Many girls do decide to share as the class goes on, and some learn by listening to what the others share. I’ll invite them to share, but sharing is not required. Some choose to share in the chat but not talk or show video.


Do the kids show webcams during the class?


Yes, the girls are welcome to have their cameras on during class, because the class size is small and I have found that it helps the girls to bond over the course of just a few weeks. It’s not required.

My daughter hasn’t started her cycle. Is this course for her?


Definitely! We cover many topics besides cycles, which will help her to have a better experience with the emotional and physical changes that happen in the year or two before her period starts. And she’ll learn about the shifts in energy and appetite that can occur, and how to prevent and resolve cramps, so she can feel confident looking forward to it. 

Does this class count for a health credit?


If your daughter would like it to count for a high school health credit, she would need to provide written work, including a research paper. I am happy to work with students to complete the research and receive credit through their school.

Does this class cover how babies are made?

No, families prefer to discuss that on their own time. Sometimes a students asks what ripening an egg has to do with having a baby, and I tell them to ask their mom. Cycles as a teen are presented as practice for the body and hormonal stimulation for growing bones, brain, and other parts of the body. I tell the girls we have a lot to cover about what goes on in a woman's body, including all the hormone changes each month and how to care for their bodies with all those factors, so that's the focus of the chapter and the class on the menstrual cycle.

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