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Not sure where to start with your OWN health challenges? 

Confused by too much information?

Unsure how to get your family on board?


Let's change all that.

Moms 6-Week
Summer Intensive
Starts June 10th

Do your own "Summer Camp"
with fun, interactive
Zoom calls, and 1-on-1 support

Would you like ideas for how to speak with your daughter about her cycle before it begins, and to help her navigate it smoothly?

Download our guide with talking points, conversation starters, and tips for reducing cramps in both the short and long-term.

"Last week Lucia started her period and thanks to you it was very positive! 

She came to me right away, very comfortable with what was happening and I showed her all the stash. I was thinking to myself, this is fine, not at all the awkwardness I had to deal with my mom... 

Also, Lucia went back to her book from your class and we were able to talk about what is “normal” etc,... and all of the advice you gave on making it comfortable and dealing with cramps, etc… She didn't have any discomfort (once I got pads that fit), but it was great for her to have a reference that talks about it so matter-of-factly!" - Kateri

Welcome to Bright Families!
Nutrition and Life Education for Families


We offer fun, interactive, practical, and life-enhancing classes and memberships for families.

Our vision is for families to experience more health, fun, and beauty in their lives, through education, encouragement, and community.

Our goal is to raise the level of health knowledge for teens and adults, so kids can focus and grow well, and families can enjoy their time together. Respect for human nature and clarity about the state of scientific research is the foundation for all our classes. Throughout all of our courses, we appreciate the gift of life and the body, and the many resources available for our health. 

"After each class my daughter tells me the interesting things she learned. She's loving it!"

"Her habits improved dramatically. Now she goes to bed earlier and makes herself better meals."

"My daughter is moving out of the "flannel shirt" phase, taking better care of her appearance and hygiene, and prepping her own vegetables at lunch."

Your teenager will eat more vegetables and protein, hydrate, exercise and sleep, set and work towards goals, process "failures" as setbacks, and keep moving! 

Your daughter can know what energy and mood shifts to expect during her cycle, and how to minimize PMS and cramps through nutrition and movement.


High School Girls Health Classes

Fun, interactive classes for girls ages 14-18. Equip your daughter with skills and knowledge for better mindset, relationships, and sleep. Help her appreciate her changing body and enjoy foods that will nourish her through her growing years. Materials for each week include a chapter to read, suggestions for articles, videos or podcasts relating to the topic, and short online surveys or writing assignments. Class cost is $220 ($250 for Charter school students) and includes digital and print copies of the course book, live weekly Zoom classes, and access to class recordings.

Younger Girls Health Classes

Designed for girls ages 10-13, this 8-week class delves into the key topics around growth and nutrition, and paves the way for conversations you want your daughter to have. We cover Mindset, Community, Body, Food, Sleep, Exercise, Cycles, and Habits in 1-hour classes. Each week the girls read a short chapter with questions for discussion, and look at a couple of handouts to prepare for class. Class Cost is normally $150 ($180 for Charter School students)  and covers digital and print versions of the course handbook, live weekly Zoom classes, and access to recordings through our student portal.

Boys Health Workshops

4-week interactive workshop for ages 12+

Week 1 - Exercise, Muscle Growth and Recovery

Week 2 - Nutrition and Hydration 

Week 3 - Focus, Discipline and Goals

Week 4 - Sleep, Memory and Learning

Resources provided, no preparation required

Family Safety Classes

8-week interactive classes on Water, Auto, Household, Sports, Community, and Outdoor Safety, with a discussion of common scenarios, how to respond quickly and effectively, and how to avoid unnecessary risks.

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