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Nothing gets better with Gossip

The short answer is just don’t do it, because nobody wins. Communities are built on respect, affection and trust. If you feel confident that people look for the best in you rather than judge you and talk about you behind your back, you can enjoy your time together.

Ask yourself, why am I telling this? Who benefits? If anyone…. It’s fun to surprise people or be the first with news, but consider whether the person in question would rather announce it themselves. If you would feel embarrassed saying it with the person there, or if it makes someone appear bad, or emphasizes their weak points, you’re weakening your community.

Also, think about how it makes YOU look to be the person breaking trust, or bringing up something negative and unnecessary. Who likes to be around a person full of sad stories and bad news, or even interesting news that shouldn’t be shared? It’s awkward for everyone. It might be exciting in the short term, but would you invite them to your party? To meet your grandma? Would you trust them with the big moments of your life? Over time, gossip damages friendships and erodes confidence, as people wonder what’s being said when they’re not around.

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