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Bright Families Health Clubs for Moms and Girls offer encouragement and enrichment as we share wins, setbacks, and perspectives. Build habits and nurture wisdom with kind, fun, honest friends.

Moms Health Club

Do you like trying supplements and exercises, and other ways to improve your health?

Would you like to hear from other moms who've experimented and are happy to share what they learned?

Do you want the support of other moms who are busy and still taking time to exercise and eat well?

Meet with like-minded moms each week for deep dives on health topics, printable resources, and more.

All meetings are recorded as video and audio for members to review at any time.

We currently meet Thursdays at 2 pm PST, and 1-2 mornings per month with guest speakers.

Peek inside with our recent recordings:

Easy, Safe Herbs for Families

How to talk with Kids About Porn

Discussing Touchy Topics

Immune Health Tips for the Family

Metabolism and Insulin

Thyroid Care and Repair

Sleep Improvement and Stress Management 

Girls Health Club

Join a fun group to meet your goals and learn new skills! Each meeting begins with general updates and a new or review health topic. Then we check in about the goals and plans they have. We talk about what's working or not, share ideas, show pictures and videos, and re-evaluate with a plan for the next week or two.

Girls Club meets 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 1 pm PST/ 4 pm EST to share what's happening and their progress.

A new section will open Spring 2023, to meet Mondays at 3 pm PST/ 6 pm EST. Email to join the interest list.


Past and current goals for the girls:

  - room cleaning and decluttering

- improving time management

 - mastering new skills

        - increasing running skills and stamina

- improving sports performance

        - trying new recipes for cookies and ice cream

        - sorting through clothes to keep and donate

- mastering new piano pieces

- completing art projects

 - reading new books each week

Zoom link for all classes:

Payment can be made through Venmo to @jendunlap2003, or Paypal to Card payment options are below.

  • Moms Health Club

    Every month
    Fun, education, and support for Moms
    Valid for 12 months
    • Monthly Health Discussion Book Club
    • Guest Speakers and Real Mom Interviews
    • Full Access to all video and audio recordings
    • Printable workbooks and tracking sheets
  • Girls Health Club

    Every month
    Fun and Goal-setting for girls ages 10-15
    Valid for 12 months
    • Twice-Monthly Girls Health Club meetings and emails
    • Monthly Printables for Habit Tracking and Nutrition