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Designed for girls ages 10-13, this 8-week class delves into the key topics around growth and nutrition, and paves the way for conversations you want your daughter to have. We cover Mindset, Community, Body, Food, Sleep, Exercise, Cycles, and Habits in 1-hour classes. Each week the girls read a short chapter with questions for discussion, and look at a couple of handouts to prepare for class. Class Cost is normally $150 ($180 for Charter School students)  and covers digital and print versions of the course handbook, live weekly Zoom classes, and access to recordings through our student portal.

Fun, interactive classes for girls ages 14-18. Equip your daughter with skills and knowledge for better mindset, relationships, and sleep. Help her appreciate her changing body and enjoy foods that will nourish her through her growing years. Materials for each week include a chapter to read, suggestions for articles, videos or podcasts relating to the topic, and short online surveys or writing assignments. Class cost is $220 ($250 for Charter school students) and includes digital and print copies of the course book, live weekly Zoom classes, and access to class recordings.

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