Summer Classes

Our quick summer classes provide 6 meetings for your daughters to discuss attitude, body image, nutrition, sleep, immune system, exercise, healthy cycles, and general habits that make life better. Readings optional if your daughter wants to be "off school" - the discussions provide a framework for them to share and learn from each other, and see that their challenges are a normal part of growing up. Each class is approximately 75 minutes, 2 classes per week. $60 per student.

Build a Custom Class with

Your Daughter and her Friends

in August and September


Fall Classes

10 Weeks of Learning, Discussing, Sharing, and trying new habits. Designed for girls ages 11-15.

Includes weekly written assignments, each about 1 page, and habit tracking projects. 1 short chapter to read each week prior to class. Audio Recordings of each chapter provided for class preparation, Video Recordings shared after each class meeting.

If the times below don't work with your schedule, contact us and we'll see what we can do!

  • Class 1: Mindset and how your brain shapes your life. Girls pick a new behavior to try.

  • Class 2: Your Environment, Family and Relationships - how to be a good daughter, sibling and friend

  • Class 3: Body Changes through Puberty - Growth, fat changes, skin, body types, hair, hygiene

  • Class 4: Food - macronutrients and key micronutrients, how to eat well when busy, how foods change your moods, muscle mass

  • Class 5: Rest - how to get enough sleep and mental recharging

  • Class 6: Exercise and all the ways it changes your body

  • Class 7: New Habits sharing and discussion

  • Class 8: Cycles - What's happening each month and how to make it go as smoothly as possible

  • Class 9: The Immune System and how to get well quickly

  • Class 10: Habits Wrap Up - overcoming obstacles, putting what you know into practice

  • $180 per student. We work with several charter schools. 

Mondays 1 pm PST

September 14 -November 16

Mondays 11 am PST

September 14 - November 16

Build a Custom Class

For Your Daughter and her Friends

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