High School Girls Health Class

Knowledge and Habits to prepare for the long term

Materials for each week include a chapter to read, suggestions for articles, videos or podcasts relating to the topic, and short online surveys or writing assignments. Class cost is $180 and we work with some charter schools.

Week 1 - Mind

What is most important to you?

Imagining your own funeral - what would you like them to say, what would they probably say?

Fear and Anxiety, accepting help gifts and compliments, ADD in different forms

Mindsight and its effect on you and others

Addictions and the brain - how they happen, how to recognize them

Visualizing your future, making choices to get there

Understanding that results are not guaranteed, examples of people deciding to switch directions

Goal setting/ experiment discussion - what do you feel like trying for the next month or two?

Week 2 - Community 

School, relationships, dating, safety

Judgement and empathy - assessing the actions, not the person

Teaming - the good and the bad

Building people up and focusing on strengths

Rebels and attachment theory

Realistic expectations for relationship

Addictions and relationships - why they compromise personal and relationship growth

Serious conversations- drugs, abuse, pregnancy - and how to help

Week 3 - Body 

Body image, weight, modesty and respect

What Boys notice about girls

Candid comments from guys

why modesty is respectful and saves a lot of time and energy

Thyroid health and dysregulation

Hormones to recognize -Cortisol, Progesterone, Estrogen

Week 4 - Food 

Emotional eating, night time snacking - good and bad

Elvia, Mika, snacking, breakfast and metabolism 

Minerals and nutrients to keep in mind

Carbohydrate tolerance, and dairy threshold

Evaluating trendy diets and fasting

Glucose and Fructose metabolism and weight gain

Week 5 - Sleep 

Choosing class times and work times for chronotype

Chronotype survey and lifetime big picture

Case studies of morning and night types working best

Sleep and mood disorders

What if you’re “tired all the time”? Possible causes

Week 6 - Exercise 

Body type, glycogen, carb cycling, lymphatic movement, BDNF

Finessing macros for performance and strength

Zone 2 training for mitochondria and long term metabolic resilience

Week 7 - Goals Check-in/ Discussion and Question Day

How to measure progress - quality and quantity

What is your change-making style?

Habit stacking and context

Week 8 - Cycles 

Immune function, Asian medicine perspective on periods,

Blood deficiency signs, Inflammation and its causes, tracking ovulation

Herbs to manage periods

PCOS, Endometriosis, dairy

Week 9 -Immune Function

Surprising lessons in immune susceptibility

Stress, diet, sleep and autoimmunity

Building resilience, overcoming seasonal allergies, reducing reactivity

Week 10 - Habits and Wrapping Up

Habits and change through timelines, visualization, and just showing up every day

Who do you like to be accountable to? What kind of framework do you need to succeed? 

Lifetime perspective on Habits, using your strengths as leverage

Why some things are hard for you and easy for others

September 9th - November 11th

Thursdays 1 pm PST

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September 13th -
November 15th
Mondays 1pm PST

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Build Your Own Class

Choose Day and Time

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Middle School Health Class

Our popular 8-week class that frames the concepts and paves the way for conversations you want your daughter to have. We cover Mindset, Community, Body, Food, Sleep, Exercise, Cycles, and Habits in 1-hour classes. Each week the girls read a short chapter with questions for discussion, and look at a couple of handouts to prepare class. Cost is $120,

Thursdays 3 pm PST

September 9th - October 28th

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Build Your Own Class

Choose Day and Time

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7 am PST
September 14- November 2nd

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