Ketosis for Fatty Liver?

Although fat accumulation in the liver might not seem to call for a fat-rich diet to heal it, for a number of reasons we'll discuss tomorrow, it might be the most reasonable approach for a particular person.

Here are a few of those reasons:

- a ketogenic diet can still reduce the overall number of calories ingested, which is one factor (by no means the only factor) regulating insulin resistance, glucose tolerance, and overall weight - the fullness experienced on a ketogenic diet can make adherence easier - ketogenic diets can benefit some autoimmune conditions so this kind of diet might be particularly helpful if those are some of the causes of metabolic syndrome in a particular person - some people enjoy other effects on this kind of diet, like better sleep, increased mental clarity and focus, and gut healing, all of which improve daily quality of life. Elevated stress hormones, poor sleep, and gut dysbiosis contribute to metabolic syndrome and may have been the initial trigger.

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