Foods to Heal Fatty Liver

Protein - filling, essential amino acids, improves metabolism, builds muscle to increase resting metabolism

Fiber - filling, improves gut flora and metabolism

Egg Yolks - great source of choline

Liver - even better source of choline, if you can handle it. Capsules count.

Green and Black Tea - quercetin and other nutrients, makes fasting easier

Coffee - improves insulin sensitivity, makes fasting easier

Vegetables - the various kinds of fiber feed a good mix of gut flora, plant compounds such as polyphenols improve metabolism, provide ingredients to make other nutrients such as vitamin A

Berries - less insulin spike after meals

Turmeric (curcumin) - activates glucose uptake

Ginger - lowers blood sugar

Garlic and green onions - lower blood sugar

Cinnamon - lowers blood sugar

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