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Moms Health Club

Image by Gaelle Marcel

Past Topics include Healthy Pregnancy as an "Older" Mom; Skin, Hair, and Vein Health; Improving Sleep and Energy; Histamine Tolerance and Management: Thyroid Support: Autoimmune Conditions; Yeast and Urinary Health; Microbiome; Insulin and Blood Sugar; Fasting and Ketogenic diets; Peri-menopause; Bone and Heart Health; Parenting Boys, Boundaries, and Communication; interviews with real moms in the trenches about what they do, say, skip, and pass to keep themselves sane while maintaining peace and order with teens, babies, husbands, and school. New members get instant access to the archive of recordings from past classes - over 30 hours of video and audio.

Winter Schedule for Moms Health Club:

We generally meet at 1 pm PT/ 4 pm ET for about an hour. Join us for a couple of meetings and see if we're the right fit for you! 

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 505 718 4387

December 27th, 2 pm PST/ 5 pm EST - Sara, mom of 12, will share how she guides kids through friendships and social situations

December 28th, 8 am PST /11 am EST - How to speak positively about nutrition and make improvements without disturbing your family routines

January 2nd, 2 pm PST/ 5 pm EST - Building up to The Talk, and scripts for different ages of children about sticky topics with friends and family

January 4th, 8 am PST/ 11 am EST - Rhonda Caluttung on teaching kids how to avoid and resist pornography (without making it worse)

             Our new guests for this winter are Rhonda Caluttung, who works from her experience as a parent of teens, and her training in Theology of the Body, to coach people who struggle with pornography. Sara Morey will share her tips for guiding teens through friendships and social situations. 


Regular guests for coaching and teaching include Robin Betz, mother of 12 children, with many years of homeschool and school experience. She's encountered most scenarios life can bring and she has the heart to share and serve. I reached out to her last year with some questions about parenting teens. She nailed what the real problem was within a few minutes, challenged how I was handling it and what I was telling myself, and offered concrete steps and phrases to use to move forward. 

      Maria Debruyn of San Juan Counseling specializes in ADD, trauma, and attachment, and her presentations have provided valuable reflections for our group. Marie Cantu will share her knowledge of herbal medicine, especially those that are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Other moms share their traditions and routines about making holidays and special occasions magical, talking teens through social challenges, and more.

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